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All products are designed and produced locally, saving on transport costs and lowering their carbon footprint. Everything is made from either recycled materials or (more) sustainable materials compared to its traditional counterpart.


For example, paper products are made from agricultural waste or stone waste, eliminating the need to cut trees and instead using materials that are already part of other processes and a lot less impactful on the climate. This is all possible without impacting the quality and durability!

Design with care

Because the environment and my impact on the planet is very important to me, I consider sustainability as a core part of the process.


For all regular paper used, I make sure it's always FSC or PEFC certified, meaning it's wood from ethical sources, and in turn preventing deforestation. Before using new paper, I use recycled paper.


All paper and plastics I use for my business are separated and recycled locally. Ink cartridges used for my printer are sent back to the manufacturer and are recycled. I try to do as much as I can in my own studio, but I sometimes outsource production to local suppliers, who also make sure the environment is an important element of their production.

Bee healthy!

For paper products and packaging, I use alternatives to regular FSC paper. I primarily work with the following types of paper:


  • PaperWise natural material, which is paper made only from agricultural waste produced with 100% green energy, eliminating the need to use trees and preventing deforestation.


  • Stone paper, paper made from 80% mineral powder (Calcium Carbonate) and 20% non-toxic HDPE (a clean plastic), therefore also eliminating the use of trees and preventing deforestation.

Made with lots of love and consideration 

All products are designed and produced locally, here in the Netherlands and neighbouring countries in Europe.

Embrace your local roots

Materials used to make products are exclusively from sustainable, certified and recycled sources.

Care for our hive

Suppliers I work with plant trees to compensate for their carbon footprint during the production process!

Happy trees equals happy bees

Alternatives to regular wood pulp paper are a great sustainable option, which is why I prefer using them.

Alternatives to paper

Production is kept small in order to make sure no unnecessary resources are wasted, and prevents excessive stock.

No honey wasted!

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