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Hi there! I’m Melsie, the busy worker bee behind Melsiefera Studio. I’m a graphic designer and illustrator from The Netherlands. I go through life with a buzzing brain so full of concepts and ideas I’m certain there’s a beehive in there somewhere. They’re all hard workers, but there’s only so much time in a day to turn ideas into honey. 


My work is characterised by bright, colourful, playful, and sometimes weird illustrations about a wide range of topics, mostly inspired by themes and struggles I experience in my own life. I hope I can somewhat brighten your day with my work, because we all deserve happy sparkles in our daily life ✨.

Always bee yourself

Design and illustration made fun and playful!

Melsiefera Studio was founded because of my love for fun and playful design and the desire to share it with the world, while also doing my part to keep her healthy. Creativity has always been a way for me to make sense of the chaos that is my brain, and I’m on a mission to do the same for others.

Some of my never-ending list of dream projects I’d love to realize are: publish a picture book, illustrate articles for magazines, and sell my creations in several stores!

If you think we make a great match for a project or collaboration, please don’t hesitate to contact me! I’d love to work together. You can e-mail me here or contact me here.

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