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Uncomfortable Art Biennale Amsterdam - corporate Identity

Graphic design, web design, identity design, visual design

Our relationship with discomfort as humans is influenced by many factors. Our culture and upbringing, our personal history, our health and our personality all contribute to the way and how often we feel discomfort. Being uncomfortable is not inherently bad, as it has helped us survive through the ages. Despite that, it’s a feeling people would rather not experience at all. The Uncomfortable Art Biennale Amsterdam (UABA) is an exposition that embraces discomfort and gives artists who explore this topic a platform to share their work, put on display in the NDSM Loods, a well known cultural centre in Amsterdam where many creatives come together.

The themes of the exposition are often taboo and rarely spoken about topics like the female body, sex, social anxiety, climate impact, artificial intelligence, impactful historical events and more. The exposition’s aim is to make these topics less taboo, allow for a safe space for people to think and talk about uncomfortable topics, and to ensure discomfort will never be censored and forgotten, for it is a valuable aspect of human survival.

Being uncomfortable is a dynamic and subjective feeling. The corporate identity needed to reflect this in its design as well. The logo is dynamic by changing the tracking and kerning. Kerning and tracking – when spaced far or very close apart – is sometimes perceived as uncomfortable. Thanks to its dynamic range, the logo is therefore applicable on practically anything. The UABA uses visuals from the exposition for their promotional material to strengthen the impact of their message. Tickets are sold on their website and at the door.

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