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Personal Project

Ik Wil Ook!

Illustration, storytelling, logo design, visual Design, print design, digital design

Lucy’s father has a huge collection with all kinds of things on display. When she asks where he got those, her father tells her it's everything that has "emotional value." Lucy doesn't really know what her father means, but wants them too and decides to search for things that envoke certain emotions for her. Follow Lucy on this exciting, colourful, and fantasitcal journey in search for emotional value, expression and a huge collection!

One of the most complex things children learn to develop is expressing their emotions and how to communicate those feelings. But what about attaching your feelings and emotions to tangible objects? Most of us have items that have sentimental value, things we don't ever want to throw away and collections we've gathered through the years, and are proud to display in our homes for all to see.

"Ik wil ook! (een grote verzameling)" – translated in English: "I want that too! (a big collection)" – explores the depth and process of children's emotions in an easy to understand concept, while keeping it lighthearted and fun to discover! Let your child collect objects that are attached to emotions like anger, disgust, sadness, nostalgia, joy, and so many more together with Lucy! 

Getting excited?

No matter what kind of project you have in mind, I'm confident we can turn it into something that you'll be proud of and fits all your needs.


So, let's go on this design journey and create something amazing and fun!

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