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Floriworld Aalsmeer

Graphic design, banner design, editorial design, desktop publishing, digital design, pre-press preparation

Floriworld is The Netherlands' first theme park entirely about flowers. Located in Aalsmeer, a place known for its beautiful flowers and the biggest exporter of flowers in the world, Floriworld aims to bring everyone the best experience by combining traditional and digital exhibits. Enjoy the fresh scent of freshly cut flowers, learn how to care for them, what the growth process is, and so much more! 

To attract more customers to FloriWorld, the client wanted several advertorials for the magazines Libelle, KEK Mama, Veronica Magazine and Margriet. 

Alongside these advertorials the client asked for online banners, Facebook posts and headers for their website of the images they had provided. Because the client wanted to give customers a good impression of what Floriworld had to offer we decided to animate the online banners.  

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