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Mediacollege Amsterdam

DTL Nobel Introduction Typography Poster

Graphic design, type design

One of the fundamentals of becoming a graphic designer is mastering the art of typography. For new students, the subject can be quite overwhelming at first. To make it easier on new students, Mediacollege Amsterdam wanted to introduce their course with a poster that would explain the most important aspects of typography. Their chose a range of well known fonts to be displayed on the poster.

Nobel (also known as Nobel-Antieke), was designed by Sjoerd Hendrik de Roos in 1929-1932 in Lettergieterij Amsterdam. Nobel is an adaption of Berthold-Grotesk, revised to bring it more in line with Futura (Designed by Lane & Lommen). The font released in three weights, two lighter ones with small caps and italics, plus two condensed upright weights.

DTL Nobel (Dutch Type Library) is a digital revival of the font designed by Andrea Fuchs and Fred Smeijers in 1993. DTL Nobel released with three weights, two of them with italics, plus two condensed weights. From 2016 on, DTL Nobel has four weights (Light, Regular, Medium, Bold) with italics (Light Italic, Italic, Medium Italic, Bold Italic), and three condensed weights without italics (Condensed Regular, Condensed Medium & Condensed bold).

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