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KAV Autoverhuur

Connectcar - private car sharing

Graphic design, prototyping, (technical) desktop publishing, prepress preparation

Carpooling and sharing cars is a concept that has been on the rise in the last decade and is only growing more in popularity. More people than ever are living a climate-conscious lifestyle or just don’t have access to cars where they live; especially in bigger cities with limited parking space, long commutes to work with public transport and the high costs of owning a car. This is why Conncectcar was brought to life.

KAV autoverhuur is one of the leading car renting companies in the Netherlands, but they are mostly well known with professional (truck) drivers and moving companies. They lacked a more direct connection with private customers who could also benefit from their renting services, and Conncectcar became the solution to that problem. Connectcar exclusively uses the Smart ForFour model as their car of choice because of its compact size. To make the concept as affordable and convenient as possible, the cars are positioned at different locations all over the city, so there’s always done close by home. The only requirement to get access to their cars is a registration through their app, and you’re off to go! After you’re done, you can park the car in the designated parking space of your choice and leave it there.

It was important to design the cars with high visibility in mind, while at the same time showing potential customers the ease of using their services without using too many words. A basic principle of designing cars is limiting the amount of text, because the vehicle is a “moving” form of promotional material, so it’s highly difficult to read a lot of information in a short amount of time. The final result is a design that encapsulates both the high visibility and clear communication of the concept, quickly showing customers the ease of private car sharing through Connectcar!

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