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Lidl Nederland

Backyard Mini's - loyalty campaign

Product design, retouching, prototyping, proofing & quality control

After  the success of their Farm animals plush collection, Lidl wanted another campaign that could emulate a similar or even better outcome. The result became a collection of 10 plush backyard animals with treehouse as construction kit. You get a free plush with every 18 stamps and 1 free stamp for every €10.- you spend.

Lidl is a multinational supermarket chain that operates in various countries around the world. Known for its focus on offering high-quality products  at affordable prices, Lidl has become a popular choice for many consumers. The company offers a wide range of groceries, including fresh produce, meat, dairy products, pantry staples, and household items. Lidl also features a selection of non-food items, such as clothing, electronics, and home goods, providing customers with a convenient one-stop shopping experience.

One of Lidl's key strategies is to source products directly from suppliers, allowing them to maintain control over quality and offer competitive prices. The company often introduces weekly specials and promotions, providing customers with additional savings and value. Lidl is committed to sustainability and has implemented various initiatives to reduce waste, promote responsible  sourcing, and support local communities.

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No matter what kind of project you have in mind, I'm confident we can turn it into something that you'll be proud of and fits all your needs.


So, let's go on this design journey and create something amazing and fun!

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